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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Whats Gucci!? My name is Markus aka Dragon and my brother is Brandon aka Joker. We were born and raised up north by wolves in an igloo hunting polar bears EH!
But jokes aside, we are originally born and raised in Ontario, Canada and have lived in Las Vegas since 2000 where I perused a Career in basketball and hospitality as he was more on the technological side of things. We are big clothing people and believe that what is given should be given back (thanks Mom =). That is why we decided to create this clothing brand. Welcome to ilovecitybeats. <3

Our Story

This idea came to me while I was on shrooms staring at the Las Vegas skyline as it looked to be alive and have its own heartbeat. Boom an idea was born. This city has given so much to us, we decided we wanted to give something back. That is why which ever city you choose to represent, a portion of that will go to a Charity specifically linked with that city. So not only will you look good repping it, you will feel good as well =)

"At  iLove City Beats, our mission is to help contribute to the city of your choosing while also representing your city. We believe that looking good should feel good."

Our Mission 

"At Love City Beats, our mission is to provide fashionable city designs for charities. We believe that looking good should feel good."

Meet The Team

Our Charities 

One Heart Source
Opportunity Villiage
Hearts for San Diego
Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank
Free Luv
The Mississauga Food Bank
Berts Big Adventures
Phoenix Childrens
Alzheimer's Association
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